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HNTR's Exclusive Features

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Join the ultimate hunting community on HNTR! Our vibrant community connects hunters worldwide. Share experiences, tips, and achievements. Invite friends and build lasting connections with HNTR's social network.

Unleash the power of HNTR's hunting diary! Log your triumphs, track harvests, and relive every adventure. Capture memories with photos, document statistics, and organize hunting gear.

Maximize your hunts with HNTR's calendar! Plan seamlessly, invite friends, and never miss a moment. Your essential tool for organized and memorable hunting adventures awaits on HNTR

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Share, experience and connect

Explore the ultimate hunting community on HNTR, the top-rated hunting app for Android and iPhone! Follow friends and fellow hunters, discover public posts, and find captivating reports.

Explore hunting gear trends! See what others are using and add your setup to posts.

Join the community and share experiences with hunters across the globe. Or keep it private. Your choice.

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Get inspired
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Hunt, report and relive

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Record all your hunting moments. Write down your story, add pictures and capture every emotion.

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Effortlessly store and locate your hunting pictures and harvests. Simplify your hunting memories – quick, easy, and organized

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Add Gear

Add your personal gear to the app. Tailor each hunt by selecting the right equipment. Your gear, your choice!

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Plan or organize your hunts

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Add your hunts

Effortlessly log your hunts on HNTR's calendar! Capture details like location, time, date, meeting point, and targeted species. At all times, access all your hunt information with just one click!

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Add a memory of a hunt

Easily organize a hunt and invite friends. Ensure everyone has the latest info, reacts, and stays connected throughout the adventure,  significantly reducing your administration time.

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